Online security should always be a top priority. Using the online password vault you can safely store your username and password details for websites and they will always be completely safe. However, the password must be secure in the first place, and practice good password is half the battle for online security.

Below, you'll find a list of tips that really good for a password.

1. Never use the common word. The words can find in the dictionary are big no. Similarly, never use a string of consecutive numbers (or letters for that matter). You can visit to find the best and secure password manager.

2. Your password should be at least 8 characters (the longer the better).

Develop a password manager app to keep passwords safe

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3. Never use information that people may be able to find out about you is the way you live in, the company you work for, or a relative's name.

4. Use the selection of random characters uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation marks. Have at least one of each is a great idea. Some websites and services may not allow punctuation in the password, but you should at least aim to numbers and upper- and lower-case characters.

5. Another great tip is to replace standard characters with numbers or punctuation. For example: A = 4, S = $, E = £ and so on. Another tip that works quite well is to have the first letter and last letters.

6. Another tip is to not have the papers over and over, even if they are not consecutive, for example, the word 'finance' has three characters who happen twice, even though they are not contiguous.