The United States has been fighting the unprecedented growth of heroin use and overdose deaths, which have emerged as a public health crisis. With more than 50,000 Americans giving up on heroin overdoses in 2015 alone, the epidemic seems far from control. While federal authorities have made continuous efforts to curb the trend of increasing heroin abuse, scientists are also looking for ways to develop new treatment strategies that can relieve pain from possible addiction to heroin.

ibogaine rehab program for alcohol and opiate addiction

Ibogaine, a natural psychoactive substance found in plants from the Apocynaceae family, is the result of such efforts by experts. It emerged as a glimmer of hope for millions of people struggling with heroin addiction and overdose. Widely recognized for its use in the treatment of opioid addiction, Ibogaine is an effective way to deal with opioid addiction, which is often considered the most difficult drug to treat. Ibogaine usually works by interfering with patterns formed by addiction to opioids in the brain.

Besides being addicted to opioids, Ibogaine is effective in treating other dependencies, including alcohol, Suboxone, methadone, and various stimulants. You can click this site to know more about ibogaine centers. This works by interfering with the pattern of addiction made by opioids in the brain. When a user consumes opioids, he binds with receptors in the brain. Regular use of such drugs makes the brain desperately need it, so users experience an increased urge to use the drug at any time. However, Ibogaine acts on the area of the brain involved in drug cravings and then bring it back to its original state, eliminating the symptoms of withdrawal and cravings.