As the months cool, your plants will need extra protection to ensure they are kept healthy. There are a number of steps you can take to ensure your outdoor plants are provided with everything they need to remain at their best during the winter.

To protect your plants against frost, you need to provide additional insulation to keep them healthy. Shrubs, perennials and new roses will need extra protection during the winter to provide them shelter. You can also use Greenhouse Enviroment Control Computers or The Climate Manager.

Move sensitive plants indoors or in your greenhouse for the winter period.

Use the straw bedding to keep vegetable plants such as carrots protected from frost during the winter. If you have a set of cold frames, then these are ideal for providing extra insulation during the colder months. Cold frames are available in a variety of sizes and are suitable for all types of gardens.

Create compost rich in nutrients for your plants using the leaves and stems of plants. You can also use a household waste such as tea bags or crumpled cardboard.

And outdoor crops, you will also need to keep crops protected inside during the winter. If you intend to continue to grow a selection of plants in your greenhouse during the colder seasons, then consider adding extra heating or lighting. Insulate your greenhouse to keep your protected crops. Add temperature controls so you can control the temperature in your greenhouse. Also, make sure that your greenhouse is free of clutter and in good condition for your crops in greenhouses during the winter.