Fire regulation & fire safety in the workplace are important considerations, especially in places where one or more people are employed.

These places include hospitals, universities, hotels and commercial shops and offices. Regulations that helped ensure that fires did not occur in these places were changed to include provisions regarding the places where more than five people were employed.

These places need to have a fire risk assessment detailing the necessary fire safety precautions that have been taken. You can get the best leading fire safety guidelines in UK with specialization in supply & fitting of fire extinguishers and fire safety signs.

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According to existing fire regulations & fire safety in the workplace, it is necessary that the employer must after a risk assessment is carried out, ensure that adequate safeguards are available to ensure that fire risks are minimized.

In addition, several fire safety measures must be taken including providing emergency exit routes as well as gates. The employer must also ensure that the emergency exit is open to the outside (not inward) and may not be a sliding door or even a turnstile.

Each such building must also have emergency lighting to illuminate the exit route in the event of an emergency and the building must also have adequate firefighting equipment and fire alarms and if necessary, appropriate fire extinguishers.

There is also a need to install fire exit signs and fire alarms as well as firefighting equipment with pictorial signs to help people learn how to use the equipment.