Most people now understand the potential risk of skin cancer caused by spending too much time in the sun. For this reason a large number of people are turning to tanning salons to maintain their golden skin that no unwanted problems may arise in the future.

This has now changed as research from the World Health Organization clearly shows a link between sun beds and melanoma. This result has been a surge in demand for the alternative, namely the appointment at the salon spray tan that give sunless tan for an endless summer.

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Spray on tans seen as a safe alternative to tanning beds. Although the product can be easily purchased from a drug store if you want to have a finish that appears naturally be better to book an appointment at the salon.

The time required for full body coverage fast, professional able to complete treatment in as little time as five minutes. This is perfect for us with a busy lifestyle.

Usually tanning spray is applied in a spray tanning booth. Most beauty technicians trained to ensure that no important areas overlooked and that the tan is applied equally. After completion of treatment, it will then continue to darken the skin for several hours.