To understand sheep farming and the changing aspects that accompany it, it is important for us to know some of the characteristics of sheep. Sheep are mainly raised as livestock, especially for meat, wool, and to some extent by-products such as milk and cheese.

Sheep are social animals. The characteristics of these sheep must be considered carefully if you want to understand their behavior and how to manage it effectively.

These animals have a strong group feeling. If stored in a good amount of four or more they will show group dynamics that will make them easier to control or when herding. You can buy Dorper sheep via

One of the characteristics of sheep is that they are fed with grass. They are ruminants or animals whose stomachs consist of different compartments designed to utilize and digest grass and other similar products such as straw.

If you live in an environment with lush greenery, grass may have enough moisture in it which will also provide the water they need every day.

Adult lambs will have a size between 22 kilograms and 227 kilograms, all of which depend on the breed. Some of the best sheep breeds for specific purposes such as for wool production or exclusively milk production.

These sheep characteristics will help you choose the type and purpose of your sheep raising.