Button Gwinnett is among the people who signed the Declaration of Independence. As a result, he had one section of Georgia named after him. Located in the north-central part of Georgia state, the region has grown over the years to become one of the most populous in the region. It currently holds the second position with a total population of 927, 781. It is officially known as Gwinnett county and has its official seating in Lawrenceville.

A visit to this part of the state is not complete without going to see the Suwanee sculptor. Prepare yourself to be uplifted and entertained by the 19 art pieces strategically arranged in this outdoor exhibition. Any person taking the SculpTour, which can be found inside the Suwanee Town Center Park should consider downloading the Otocast app.

Medieval Times is a clever dinner theater that can be found in the city of Lawrenceville. The theater provides you with an opportunity to entertain yourself and also get to dine like royalty. It has been designed to provide its visitors with a glimpse of majestic horseplay, falconry, and jousting, all of which are true to the Middle Ages.

If traveling in a group or with family, then Hudgens Center for Art and Learning is one place that you should absolutely visit. It has something for all its visitors including soap making, art classes, photography, and workshops for all age-groups. There is also an exhibition that showcases pieces from both national and local artists.

People who love visiting parks will have a great time in this county. It is believed that there are more than 40 parks available in this part of Georgia. The most popular parks include Daculas Little Mulberry Park, Loganvilles Bay Creek Park, and Tribble Mill Park. These three parks cater to all visitors ranging from families to athletes to sightseers. Jones Bridge Park is another park to consider if you like taking part in spot fishing.

The north-central part of the state of Georgia has water everywhere. You will find fountains centrally located all over Gwinnett. For instance, the Big Splash Fountain, which can be found in the central park in Suwanee has a total of 43 jets. The jets are able to squirt thousands of water gallons each day. Splash Park, located in Sugar Hill is the park to visit if you are looking for a choreographed show.

Stone Mountain Park happens to be the most  famous tourist attraction in the region. It offers its visitors more than three thousand acres of unlimited family fun opportunities all-year-round. Fun activities range from snowball fights in the winter season to camping in the summer. Water kayaking activities are also available.

If you or a family member loves trains, then the Southeastern Railway Museum is a place you should visit during your time in Georgia. Be prepared to take a fascinating historical journey that will take you through an account of rail locomotives. You will also get to relive the golden transportation years by visiting old Pullman cars as you tour the museum in perfectly restored passenger cars.