Many churches are still dont have any security . Get the proper security for church at 

 Below are a few ideas which may go a very long way in making a safe environment.

1. Educate the ushers. Have the ushers greet everybody who arrives for support, and greet them on the way out, shaking hands and making eye contact. The ushers must escort people that are not knowledgeable about the church building to the washrooms, the nursery, etc.

2. Know who has keys to the church. This is particularly important whether the church building is used by over 1 congregation. Policies should be in place regarding who may get access to keys and also what regions of church they might have access.

3. Be cautious when creating programs. Attempt to own meetings, occasions, etc., happen after church service, whenever at all possible. Know about the region where the church is situated and have a notion of how folks travel to and from church. If something must occur throughout the week, then have it happen early in the day in order to have people out late in the evenings.

4. Consuming enough volunteers available for ministries, particularly "open door" types like food pantries. The more individuals available to keep things running smoothly, in addition to keep a look out for odd incidents, the greater.

5. If staff functions in the church throughout the week, ask whoever gets there in the evenings to walk through the construction to test to find out whether any windows and entry doors are left open. There should also be a check for any signs of vandalism or vandalism.