Well, how do you hire a business coach? and not just any random business coach. How do you hire the right business coach who will take you from second gear to easefully supersonic speed full of joy? How do you find the perfect coach for you and your business growth? But with Big Red Tomato Company, you can hire the business coach that can tell you about growth hacks and tips to grow your business.

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Here are a few basic things to look for when hiring a coach who is a perfect match for you:

1. You have to like them. Find someone who you want to be friends within your personal life. Feel comfortable talking to your coach will ease the tone of the conversation and make you more likely to divulge important details that will maximize your repair process. 

You want to enjoy talking with them, spend time with them, and you want to look forward to your coaching session. 

2. You have to trust them. You're heading into the trenches with these people and you have to trust them wholeheartedly to your business and a certain extent, your personal life. If you want to realize your greatest success, you must be willing to be completely vulnerable and reveal the ins and outs of your business and your life coach.

3. You have to admire them. Your perfect coach is someone you admire. They have a business style that you admire. Their values are in line with you. You respect the way they conduct themselves and their business. Their philosophy and match your prospects.