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The Many Uses of an Automatic Pool Cover

Having a swimming pool does not end with the excavation of substantial backyard space for your pool area and installing the tiles around it to arrive at the finished product. Having a swimming pool is also about purchasing different pool accessories, and an automatic pool cover is by far the most important out of all the accessories you will ever need for your recreational area.

With an automatic pool cover that you can have installed by an experienced and licensed contractor, you can take advantage of its many different uses. You may contact pioneers in creating automatic cover reels.

It maintains your pool's cleanliness

Regardless of its size, cleaning a pool is a lot of work. Since it is an open and wide surface, it is susceptible to dust, dirt and other impurities from the environment. Either you drain all the water out so you can clean and disinfect the tiles or you can tirelessly use a cleaning tool made with a mesh net and a long handle to take out dead leaves, fallen twigs and branches off your pool's surface.

At the end of the day, whatever the cleaning method is, cleaning a swimming pool is a demanding and very time consuming responsibility. If you want to maintain your pool water in its clear and pristine form, make sure to have an automatic pool cover to do that work for you.

Especially before retiring at night, during a storm or when you are not simply using the pool, an automatic pool cover allows you to save time and energy painstakingly required in cleaning pools.

It promotes safety

If you live with kids at home, they are probably the most amused and the happiest in your household because they have a swimming pool as their playground. Even in the face of amusement and happiness, swimming pools can also be dangerous especially when kids are left to play in the pool without adult supervision.

With an automatic pool cover, parents are assured that their kids will not access the pool without their consent. Kids would need to ask permission first from their parents to remove the cover before they can jump inside the pool. An automatic pool cover can definitely help avoid the risk of drowning and other pool accidents that could be avoided with caution and supervision.

In-Ground Winter Pool Covers For Swimming Pool Closing

You close the in-ground pool for the winter is an important task that must be done to protect your pool from harsh weather and to ensure that your spring opening goes as smoothly as possible.

One of the most important steps involved in successfully winterizing your in-ground swimming pool that is covered with a winter pool cover. You can have a peek here to buy pool covers.

Although there are many different winter pool covers are available from various manufacturers, all standard winter pool covers fall into one of two categories – solid winter blankets and winter cover nets.

While each category has its own advantages and cons, both types of in-ground winter pool cover can provide your pool with a winter protection is excellent when installed properly.

Although winter blankets for in-ground swimming pool can be divided into two different categories, they all share certain common features.

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As it is designed to withstand harsh weather such as wind, rain, snow and cold temperatures, winter pool covers are constructed of a material that is very durable.

They also come with additional features that improve strength and endurance, such as double-stitched binding and weather-resistant top coating.

Winter pool covers also come with a significant overlap of material to allow a drop of water in the pool and secure anchoring around the edge of the pool.

As for the specific characteristics of each type of winter pool cover, solid in the winter pool cover is constructed from tightly woven polyethylene with a plastic coating.

Typically, the pool this winter will blanket featuring UV inhibitor to prevent degradation from sunlight. Some covers also features black bottom that helps to inhibit the growth of algae.

Dense blanket is the most common type used in the pool of winter blankets and relatively inexpensive. They are also quite easy to install.

However, the main advantage of a solid pool cover is the fact that they prevent almost all of penetrating the cover.

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