Energy efficiency is the name of the game with regard to why you want to use a pool cover when the pool is not in use. Swimming pool covers are available in so many cool designs that you can imagine.

Once the swimming season is over for the year, it's time to start looking for an effective way to energy, safe to cover your pool for the winter months. You can find coverage that is set to the bridge or the pool or the hot tub itself. Your pool should always be prepared for the winter months with the installation of automatic pool shelter.

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Installing your pool cover: Most covers work on a coil system in which you handle the cover pool. They can also simply be stretched and placed on the water surface and stretched to the sides. If you want to update, you can install a motorized pool cover.

Safety First: Be advised that even in winter, you must be vigilant safely. If you opt for a floating cover you will also need to ensure the security fence around your pool remains locked and you might even want to keep your pool alarms activated. If the snow piles up, you'll need to make sure to clear the snow away from the fence so children cannot climb over.

Another safety tip: You can buy a security blanket that seamlessly extends to the edges of the pool and could be strong enough to support the weight of a child. Even so, if you must be alert and it is always recommended to have your pool alarm activated even during the winter months.