For most people, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) may mean sci-fi movies with computers and robots perform human tasks unimaginable. While this is partly true, what AI really brings to the table is to allow the engine to perform intelligent tasks.

With the world changing at a pace unprecedented, businesses need to revamp and restructure how the machine and human work. You can also look for market intelligence platform to get best business results.

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AI in Manufacturing:

AI helps overcome many of the inherent challenges that have plagued the industry: the scarcity of expertise, the complexity of the decision, integration issues, and information overload.

• Automation of Processes: Use of AI and robots are very attractive in the manufacturing industry because they revolutionized mass production. The robot is able to perform repetitive tasks, streamline production model, increase capacity, build automation solutions eliminate human error and provide a higher level of quality assurance.

• Production of round-the-clock: While humans are forced to work in three shifts to ensure continuous production, the robot can enable nonstop, 24/7 production lines. Businesses can increase production capability and meet the demands of customers worldwide.

• New Opportunities for People: As the AI take over shop floor and automates ordinary and tedious human tasks, workers will get to focus on complex tasks and innovative. While the AI takes care of the grunt work, people can focus on driving innovation and steering their business to newer heights.