While we all enjoy the beautiful weather brought by spring and summer, our favorite time of the year also brings one of life's biggest distractions – weeds.

Weeds are unwanted invaders from the yard, popping up between your flower beds and decorating the yard, ruining the hours of hard work spent to perfect your personal paradise. Keeping the yard out can be frustrating, but being proud of a manicured lawn is one of the simple pleasures of a household.

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However, if you remember the following tips, you must be able to guard these evil invaders.

Weeds Grow Throughout the Year

Even though weeds show themselves in the spring and fall, what most people don't realize is that weeds grow throughout the year. Therefore, the trick to controlling weeds effectively is to apply preventative products on a regular schedule.

The simplest way to do this is to use a combination product that mixes fertilizer with weed control agents. Weed control agents come in two varieties: pre-emergent and post-emergent.

As the name suggests, products before they appear to stop the weeds in their tracks, preventing them from developing and post-growth agents work to kill weeds once they have a chance to develop.

The most important factor in effective weed control is using the right products to treat weeds at the right time.

Early Spring Control Weed

Your first application must appear in early spring. February to April are the ideal months, depending on where you live. Basically, the key is to apply the agent about thirty days before weeds appear. The product must be effective for around sixty days post-application.