Every taxpayer should care about taxes because they influence everyday decisions including all kinds of investments, estate planning, educational commitments, amount and timing of expenses and even prospective job offers

Moreover, the role of taxes is not only limited to personal financial decisions; taxes play an extremely important role in the business world. If you want to get the best tax planning service then you can pop over to this website.

If the taxpayer considers opening a business. The organizational form of the business should be decided at least partially, on the tax implications, because taxes represent significant transaction costs and can have a considerable impact on reported profits.

Individuals and businesses should factor potential tax implications into their individual and business economic and financial decision-making processes. Decisions should consider costs and benefits from tax strategy and tax implementation in everyday life or the business cycle.

The tax codes are intentionally complicated. This is the result of congressional actions to benefit certain categories of individuals and businesses. The tax laws reflect a patchwork of special interests; they're more political than business-like or fair.

The all-inclusive income concept means that every taxpayer is obligated to include as taxable income all realized income from whatever source, and then claim applicable treatment/adjustment/exemptions/preferences.