If you have a teenager in trouble, as a parent you have thought about treatment. You may have seen a boot camp or a military school. You need to know the exact nature of your child's problem and the types of programs offered in military schools and boot camps. 

But there is another known alternative residential treatment center for teens. They are for full-time residents; they offer academic instruction, therapy and social development skills. 

residential treatment centers for teens

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The word therapy in the title is an indication that these boarding schools put a strong emphasis on therapy and counseling. They employ psychologists, counselors and behavioral therapists. 

They have this professional staff on call, so that during any crisis that arises with the teen in trouble will be able to obtain support almost immediately. 

And if the schedule of the school is in full swing, it contains personal therapy and counseling, and small group sessions. Whatever the problem your teenager is facing, this type of school is likely to have the solution.

And it is the atmosphere of the school, which is also very significant. The therapists do not limit their interaction with the teenage residents to therapy sessions. The staff mingle with the children at meals and at social events to observe their patients and to build a friendship and respect that helps in many ways.

In fact, it is often the case that residents make new friends at these boarding schools and that continue these friendships, once the children return home. In some cases, the bond has been so successful, there are alumni groups for graduates of certain therapeutic boarding schools.