Do you have an asphalt maintenance plan for your facility? Regular procedures on the surface of your parking lot can help keep your surface looking new and extend future replacement costs. 

By providing an asphalt maintenance plan, you gain confidence and can improve the efficiency and appearance of your business infrastructure. You can also easily get the best pavement preservation treatments.  

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Suitability for Conditions: – Damage to surfaces, walls and structures is the most common type of asphalt damage. If the surface is damaged, problems with transverse or longitudinal cracks can occur. 

Raveling is the reduction of inert material from the surface due to tire wear. Longitudinal cracks follow the path of movement, whereas transverse cracks are 90 degrees to the longitudinal crack. Longitudinal cracks tend to be caused by shrinkage.

Cracks in the top layer of asphalt occur when sliding between two layers of surface or pavement. This is also known as a connection failure. In some cases, the combination of joint damage and fracture causes the top layer to peel off. The most serious defects are structural cracks, which can include cracking and fatigue.

Tiring cracks are the result of surfaces bent up and down due to heavy load trajectories. This type of damage is easily recognized by the appearance of the alligator. This damage occurs when the main part of the road cannot withstand the loads placed on the sidewalk.