A fear of flying is common to many people. Fear of flying may be an exaggerated fear of accident and that the plane will crash.

People with this type of apprehension often respond well to how much technical information is given about the flight of the aircraft, air safety regulations, and how safe they really are while flying. Overcome the fear of flying with easyJet's fearless flyer course.

Overcome the fear of flying

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Many pilots say they feel safe in flight before arriving on the airport road. Such a person is actually trying to assure that his personal safety will not be endangered by taking the risk of flying in the plane.

They are not so much afraid of the physical activity of flying but remain nervous that they will feel if they are kept in such a situation.

It is very likely that someone has a phobic reaction to the idea of flying in an airplane and there will be other phobias that will arise in a similar situation .

Part of the fear of flight is fear of attachment (claustrophobia). The person is enclosed in a confined space, and is even trapped in their seat. There is an element of risk in the flight and an unknown pilot is under control. 

For those extremely nervous who find themselves taking a flight, the drug can be prescribed by a doctor and you can also practice a variety of relaxation techniques. The best of all is to take a partner with you as a means of providing support and reassurance.