There are news updates about solar energy from around the world. It seems that the international goals regarding renewable energy related to solar energy over other sustainable clean energy are being researched. For example, in Spain you can find massive Gemasolar plant that uses a circular format mirrored panels to create electricity in the evening after sunset. The researchers who developed Gemasolar mirror panels arranged in a circular pattern for a reason. It is to take radiation or emission of light from the sun and direct it to a receiver located in the middle of the panel. The heat made to warm the salt tank that produces steam. responsible steam to turn turbines that create energy that can be stored for at least fifteen hours of the night or day without sunshine. You can find more about solar energy via

The location is on the outskirts of Seville Gemasolar. The climate is usually sunny and this time the energy generated by the plant is powering more than 25,000 homes. Climate such as those found in California and other western states in the US will offer great local for this type of solar energy plants. California is the leading state in the number of solar arrays to function in both industry and private homes and objectives that have been set to increase the use of electricity from solar energy greatly in the next twenty years.