When you will buy Saber milk software, you'll enjoy the following features on your phone/tablet or through a flock identification system that is:

• Milk Volume (liters) and milk solids (fat and protein) measurements. 

• Lactose measurement

• The Mastitis to calculate the conductivity and other methods

• Blocked air intake alert

• The ability to add-on other modules Saber

You can measure yield Per cow with Saber Milk sensors software.

How Saber will benefit your farm:

Each individual is having a record of milking cows for yield, protein, lactose, and conductivity are reported with accurate and real-time information.

Saber Milk also offers valuable information on the efficiency of plant equipment. You can get the next generation of automated sorting / preparation for all the milking system as it allows you to compile automatically while you get on with the business of milking.

Until now, measuring the milk has become a way to get the best output for each cow. Expensive, time consuming, and frustrating. Now there is an easier way and more stable out there. Study Milk Saber precise sensor 6 in 1 milk.

Milk Saber data at your disposal and effective reporting; through timely detection of low-producing cows, you can make better choices about culling. It also Makes sure you only have the best animals on your farm