Illuminated track is always successful in any marriage, no matter what style it is. Game of lights and colors will make your guests sit in a disco and create a pleasant atmosphere that will surely make your guests do not stop dancing the whole party.

The size and shape. The size and shape of the LED can be a dance floor; You can choose between square, rectangular and sometimes even circular, it all depends on the tastes of the bride and groom. if you get more information regarding the LED dance floor then you can navigate the link.

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Glass track with LED: This is the most attractive option; it is a track that has the individual glass panels and the LED will illuminate every panel. LED lights turn on automatically or with specific lighting controls that will achieve special effects game between the tracks and the music, turn on and off with the beat of the music, or doing a magnificent scene, for example, for your first dance. Of course, your guests will never forget the light show which types of Bollywood DJ can offer.

Track panel with LED: This is the most expensive on the market track because of the sophistication of their panel. Thanks to every independent panel you can make numbers, patterns and with a little imagination until you can write their name on the dance floor.