The stairs have become an integral part of almost all houses. You can have stairs leading to your entrance door or the second story of your home or the basement or even at your back bridge. 

If you have some kind of staircase, you are legally required to install stair rails. So, if you are a homeowner, you have already installed the current hands-on stairs or you will do it soon. You can also improve the look of your property with a decorative aluminum railing.

Although the main purpose of installing common hands either security, is to prevent falling falls on the stairs, but you can at the same time use the current hands to improve the appearance of your home. 

Today we have a wide variety of common hand railings to choose from in terms of equipment and design. 

In fact, sometimes there are so many choices that we do not know what to do. In terms of material, we have wood, iron, aluminum, and steel to choose from, to name only a few.

When initially used, common handrailings were mainly made up of pieces of pipes mounted on the walls, stairs, or ramps. These are filled out there as a security feature, did not seem very attractive.

Today we have the current hand railings that are safe as well as beautiful and elegant. Whether you install the rails at your home or office, you have a wide variety of designs and materials to choose from. 

You must ask your contractor or architect to suggest the handrail that will serve the specific purpose of your building and go well with the other components of your office home.