As technology has advanced laser marking, new markets have evolved to take advantage of the faster speeds and greater marking precision marking and imaging capabilities.

Beam steering

Marking technology available, laser marking beam-steered system provides the user with the greatest amount of flexibility images quickly, permanent process, non-contact marking. As manufacturing processes become more automated and more common after-sale tracking, laser markers are often the only method available to produce, a unique permanent image individually at high speed. You can explore more details about 3d laser engraving via

Laser Marking Steers New Course in Manufacturing

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Good delivery optics consists of a simple focusing lens assembly or collimator fixed combinations and flat-field lens assembly. In both instances, the laser beam is directed across the surface of the work with mirrors mounted on two high-speed, computer-controlled galvanometers.

Simple focusing assembly offers the advantages of lower costs and fewer optical components and is used routinely with a CO2 laser.

Flat-field lenses also produce a higher power density on the surface of a simple work focuses assembly for a shorter effective focal length. Flat-field lens design is always preferred for high accuracy and high-quality images and is usually combined with the application of Nd: YAG laser.

Both designs provide the user with the option of building a second lens diameter and a wide field mark marking-line. Longer lens-focal-length provides greater workplace, but also enlarged the line width, thus reducing the power density on the work surface.