There are so many birthday party themes kids to choose from it can be struck in time. The first step of successful planning a party is to narrow down your options and choose a theme.

Here is a fun, unique theme idea to provide some inspiration. It is based on the popular TV show, Where in the World is Carmen San Diego. children's birthday party idea is suitable for children from 5 to 8 years. If you want to know more about kids birthday parties arrangement in Gold Coast then you can search various online sources.

Having a party for your children based around the show "Where in the World is Carmen San Diego". It's fun and simple house party and you do not need to shuttle the kids around town or compete for space in other places like Chucky Cheese.

Activity and Game Ideas:

The adults play different characters in the show. ex: the head, and a different villain, and Carmen San Diego itself. This serves two purposes, not only does not cut the cost of hiring an actor but give children the idea that they are actually transported into the story.

It makes children feel like they are not surrounded by their parents, in turn, gives you how to create a festive atmosphere while always supervise children.

Different areas of the house and the backyard is set as different regions around the world, such as Paris, China, Spain. There are clues, puzzles and games set up at different stations that the children have to find out.

Once children figure out puzzles they received another clue to get them to the next station, and also a small gift. in the end all the clues led the children to find out where Carmen San Diego and how he is doing "evil".