When looking for keynote speakers for your next company event or conference, you should be able to find the most qualified speakers who can set the tone for your event. Your event could be a stress management seminar at work or a team building activity, which can be an important factor in being the right speaker.

Remember, the keynote presenter like Jess Pettitt for your event can be a branding factor or holiday event. However, before you can find the right speaker for your event, you need to identify the speech topic first. Once you've identified the topic, it's time to find the keynote speaker. Here are some guidelines on how to find the right speaker:

1. Recommendations are always preferred; however, this doesn't mean that you should immediately hire this recommended person on the site. Remember, there are a lot of basic speakers out there. As far as recommendations are sound, it is still better to review recommended speakers as well as other applicants.

2. There are companies with professional keynote speakers. Most of the companies that have this website, take a look at their website and see if they have anything similar to what you mean.

3. Most of the keynote speakers have prepared a DVD or video of their work as part of the promotional material. You can watch this video to evaluate how well they speak or how they handle events like you.

4. You can also attend seminars or events (with permission, of course) that cover the same topics as you and cover the key speakers they have.