roofing insurance claim jacksonville flStorm Damage Insurance claims can be a little scary. If you are thinking about using your insurance company to file a claim, be sure to consult with a trust local roofer such as

Most licensed roofing companies have trained professionals on staff who will inspect your roof and let you know whether you have legitimate damage that would justify filing a claim.

How to Work with your Insurance Company

A common mistake of many homeowners is waiting too long to notify their insurance company of Roof or Storm damage. Most insurance policies have a time window for reporting Storm damage claims. Make sure to have your hail or wind damaged roof inspected soon after a storm to ensure the damage, if any, is properly reported, recorded and analyzed, but first it is Important to have a Certified Storm damage Roof inspector identify damage.

Most Successful steps in getting your Insurance claim approved:

1. Call a trustworthy roofer for a Free Roof Inspection if you believe you may have Hail or Wind damage to your Roof, it is best to verify there is actually damage by a professional before filing a claim. Practically all Jacksonville  area homeowners policies cover hail damage and storm related insurance claims but few Roofers are Insurance claims specialists that have former claims adjusters on staff like some professional roofing companies.

2. Your roofing company should  then fill out a Full Damage Report and contact your Insurance company with you after the Inspection to make sure the entire claim is filed properly from the start.

3. The Insurance company will contact either You, the roofing company or both parties within 72 hours to set the Insurance adjuster's appointment, once set a representative from your local company will meet your Insurance adjuster to go over all of the findings on our Damage Report which will ensure you claim gets approved for all damages incurred and paid the correct amounts . Your jacksonville roofers should be able to provide pricing, photos and measurements to your insurance company as requested to thoroughly process you claim.

4. After your claim is approved the insurance company will send you a "Scope of Loss" statement either by mail within 7-10 days or on the spot in some cases if your adjuster is set up with a mobile office. Once you receive your "Scope of Loss", contact your selected roofers and your representative will come out to go over everything in detail and make sure all damages were covered at the correct regional prices. 

5. The Final step is selecting your choice of Roofing (and other) materials and colors with your contractor rep. This person will put together a Material Order agreement and book your job for Installation. After Installation the roofing establishment will provide a Certificate of Completion and any necessary Supplement documentation to you Insurer so all Monies from depreciation can be released.

6. Good roofers will provide you with a Workmanship and Manufacturers Warranties when they come out to pick up final payment for the job. They will also get on the Roof again for a Final Inspection to make sure everything is installed to their guidelines.