Depression affects everyone, regardless of age, and is realistic enough for most of us to experience depression at some point in our lives. Many people never think of seeking medical help to get rid of hopelessness, even though counselling for depression can help them and make positive changes in their lives. 

Unfortunately, despair does not only affect the victims, but also the people around them. The biggest obstacle to treatment is that such people think that nothing can change their feelings. However, the fact is that it is completely curable. You can get more information regarding therapy for depression and anxiety via

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Such depressed people often separate themselves from other parts of the world and from other worlds, such as prisons without windows or doors, are completely abandoned. Changes in behaviour, sleep patterns, and eating habits are considered important signs of despair.

There is no specific reason for despair. But sometimes it is triggered by the loss of loved ones, unemployment, long-term illness, divorce. Such depression is called reactive despair. Sometimes it is triggered by someone for no apparent reason, known as endogenous depression.

Women are twice as likely to experience depression than men, and more women than men ask for help when they have related symptoms. Many men experience symptoms related to depression. They often cover up these symptoms with alcohol or drug abuse, rather than seeking advice from depression. 

The elderly are the most neglected group of people who experience symptoms of depression, especially after losing a life partner, and cannot take care of themselves if they are not less active. People consider this symptom as a general sign of age.