Company employees must be properly trained. Ideally, all employees will be trained in first aid emergencies, but it does not make sense to expect employers to train all their employees in a first aid emergency.

You may get first aid courses in Kent via Every organization is different, so the first aid needs of a company is usually different from another. Employers need to assess their work to determine how many employees need to be trained, which courses to follow, and which employees need to be trained.

If the company has fewer than fifty employees and a low-risk work environment, it is recommended to appoint at least one emergency first aid person and train them in an emergency first aid course suitable for employees for one day, which is the minimum standard for the workplace.

 Employers must take into account that when only one person is nominated and trained, they must take into account the fact that workers sometimes take annual leave and are sometimes absent because of sick days and training days. Employers must employ one person at their place at all times.

It is therefore advisable to train a second person or even a third person to ensure that they are insured at all times.

When companies like construction companies are at high risk, the situation changes when the risk of accidents and injuries increases. It is recommended to check your workplace for first aid requirements.