Mitsubishi has known for launching some of the most attractive sports utility vehicles. One name that surely features in the list of SUVs manufactured and marketed by the company is the Pajero Sport. We have seen a number of exciting Pajero Sport models hitting the market in the past few years. Once of the most recent and the most attractive additions to that list is a limited edition model of the vehicle. The price of this new car is a bit higher than all its predecessors; the main reason behind this is the wide array of additional features embedded in the car. You can also buy mitsubishi pajero sport bullbar via

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The Japanese automaker has decided to make several notable modifications in its new limited edition SUV. Significant changes have been made on the car’s exterior. That’s not all; it has also got a range of fresh equipment. When you will first see the car, the first change you will notice is its dual tone paint work. None of the Pajero Sports launched to date came with dual tone paint work. Two toned body used to be the characteristic feature of the original Mitsubishi Pajeros.

Mitsubishi has always ensured that people with different kinds of tastes get cars of their choice in their collection. Thus, you will get two color options to choose from even when purchasing a limited edition Sport. These cars have been made available in two combinations, yellow and white and red and white. These two unique color combinations will ensure that onlookers don’t face any difficulty to distinguish the limited edition Sports from the Pajero Sports marketed by Mitsubishi in 2012 and 2013.

Another eye-catching attribute of the new vehicle is its wing mirrors. They have been made more functional through integration of indicators. The previous two models of the vehicle didn’t have wing mirrors with such incredible features. Another way of identifying this special vehicle is its limited edition badge.

The automaker has also made quite a few changes inside the car. However, the changes made to the vehicle’s interior are not as elaborate as changes made to its exterior. For instance, the dashboard has not received too much of modifications. The only feature that is new in the dashboard of this limited edition car is the high-end DVD player that comes with two screens; these screens ensure that people at the vehicle’s rear can watch their favorite movies and music videos when traveling. Another fresh addition to the car’s interior is a chiller.