When it's time to think about home security, most people take the basic steps. Perhaps for lack of time, very few of them deal with the details that make a home security system as secure as possible. Have you heard of home invasion or burglary in which the hinges have been removed from the door as a way to enter the house?

The good news is that improving the safety of your hinges is not an expensive proposition and does not require a high level of technical knowledge either. If you are looking for best locks and fittings for sale or Hardware interior design online then you can navigate to Beste lser og beslag til salgs, Maskinvareinnredning online.

Now, before you start searching online find out that whether your door open inward or outward. If it opens inwards, your door hinges cannot be reached from the outside and they are not at risk, whatever, we suggest you continue reading, because the following is very useful information. On the contrary, if they open to the outside, we strongly recommend that you take note of the following security measures:

Always install the hinges with non-removable pins. Take a look at your hinge if the pin is wider at the end, it means that with a screwdriver or similar tool, everyone can exert pressure to loosen the handle and your door can be retrieved by a few minutes.

You can drill a hole in the hinge and in the pin to insert a screw. The size of the screw is important because you do not want it to protrude enough to be removed with pliers or you could simply cut the end. This will hook the pin to the cylinder preventing a burglar from detaching it.