It is generally agreed that thumb sucking is not a problem for children younger than five and that they should not be pressurized to stop. The majority of children will give up the habit themselves by the time they enter kindergarten. But some kids dont stop thumb sucking after the age of five. You can use thumb sucking shield to stop thumb sucking of your kid.

About three-quarters of babies will suck their thumbs or fingers of them during their first year and it was perfectly normal and appropriate behavior. Even when the habit is continued beyond that period is generally nothing to worry about and certainly does not indicate that a child has any emotional problems.

When they enter preschool, children are far fewer will suck their thumbs, especially because this could be the age when they begin to be teased by other children. At this stage, the thumb sucking can also cause dental problems and a child still sucking a finger or thumb at the age of 5 can develop problems such as the permanent teeth start to come through.

These habits not only affect the composition of their teeth, increasing the chance they have an abnormal bite or overbite, also can make it harder for them to make certain sounds such as the sound of S and they can develop speech problems.

If your child has difficulty stopping this habit then there are many things you can do. The first is to identify when your child is most likely to suck their thumbs as if it only occurs during sleep or home then the chances become a less serious problem for the rest, than when it occurs during social situations or at school.