The company can now produce truly clean green solar technology without prepaid costs with an integrated electricity contract (PPA). 

This in-house financing option is a cost-effective and successful method for building abandoned loft operations by reducing carbon bills and electricity bills by opting for solar energy PPA.

What exactly is the integrated power purchase agreement (PPA)? 

A contract for the purchase of electricity is a long-term agreement to produce clean electricity for a certain fee. Like a power purchase contract (PPA) provider, the solar power business bears costs for methods, planning, maintenance, and construction. 

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The customer can immediately receive a reduction in the monthly energy bill because he buys clean PV electricity from the electricity grid at a fixed price. 

In combination with energy companies, customers charge several conventional monthly electricity bills with the cost of the solar energy used. The original organization consumes all available extra PV and also forwards cost savings to customers.

Some provisions of the General Energy Purchase Agreement (PPA) consist of a 12-month contract, good income over 12 months, a fixed increase of 2 to 4% per year, several alternative cash payments, or a program that is withdrawn at the end of the period, plus an option to extend after the end contract.