Your child Dental Care begins before birth. Did you know that your child's teeth can start the first phase of the development of the fetus between the third and sixth months of pregnancy and shortly after 6 weeks? This is when the basic substance is formed. A soon to be a mother should practice healthy eating habits early on.

Good nutrition is important during pregnancy for proper dental care, oral health in the development of children's teeth. The right amount of calcium, vitamin C, vitamin D, and phosphorus are necessary for inclusion in the mother's diet, along with milk, soy products, green vegetables, and cereals. You can get to know more about thumb sucking prevention via visiting

Certain medications should be avoided during pregnancy, such as tetracycline, which can cause damage to the substance found in the developing teeth of the embryo.

Your child's first visit to the Dentist

It is very important to ensure your child's first visit to the Dentist is a pleasant experience. We all know how important first impressions, they can last a lifetime. Your child's first visit should be between the ages of 1 and 2. The dentist can check for early signs of tooth decay and also suggest fluoride treatment to help prevent decay. You also can discuss with him, sucking his thumb, a habit most children thrive.

He can advise you about some of the methods used to stop this habit and help prevent harm to the developing tooth. Inform the dentist of illness or medication your child may be taking. If you do not understand one recommendation, do not be afraid to ask for a more detailed explanation.