This is a common scenario to see the children put things in their mouth every now and then. They do not know if it is dangerous for them or not. This usually happens when they have a new tooth out or when they are interested in something. Most often when we want kids to take some medicine, we told them that it is candy.

But seldom do we realize that a child might try and take the drug again considering it to be candy as we had told them earlier. Risk is always in. We must be ready at our end to fighting against it. We do not have anything on the market that can cure the child after he had consumed something toxic.

However, keeping children's health and safety in mind, many companies have introduced child-resistant packaging solutions. You can easily find them through

We have to be more careful with the incident. Everyone tried their best level that this situation should not arise. But you can not stay around your child 24×7. All hope turned to medical science for the same solution. They find something that could be considered as a last line of defense. 

This is a package that helps stop children from swallowing the item unhealthy and dangerous.  Since this is an important issue and involves your child's safety, the package you intend to use should be tested first. This process is known as child-resistant package testing. There are many laboratories that perform the tests.