If you are looking for the best safety locks for windows to make your home secure from intruders, then in this article, I'll review the top 3 window safety locks on the market today. The first thing most people think of when they're going to install a safety lock is that it's either too expensive, or it's complicated to install. Well, we'll get through those issues right away and see which lock is best for your needs. 

Safety tips are now no longer confined to keeping children on the right side of the law. Home security has a whole new meaning with the realization that not all invaders are faceless and alien – they can be people you know and trust, or even your own family. The safest home is a well-secured one, and safety locks in windows are vital components in making your home safe.

Protecting your family and your home from intruders should be a top concern. A lot of times this is done by installing a lock on the front door, or a deadbolt. However, the danger is still there if there is a window nearby that someone could simply reach in and unlock the door. That's why window safety locks are important.

Taking personal security and safety is important. We should protect ourselves with all the possible means. One of the dangers we face is when we leave our houses or apartments, we don't know if our windows are secure. Since most of us stay in air-conditioned areas, there is a chance that we might forget to lock our windows. This poses a risk of theft or burglary. In case this happens, safety window locks can be used to prevent a burglar from entering your house.

Top 3 window safety locks on the market today

 Window safety locks are an excellent way to keep your child safe. Some children can be very active and curious, which can sometimes lead them into danger. Installing window safety locks will allow you to keep your child safe while they are in the home. In this article, we will talk about how to choose the right window safety lock for your needs and how you can install it properly.We have also included a list of the top 3 window safety locks on the market today, so you can see which ones are our favourites.

1. Pin Locks

These are one of the most popular types of window locks for homes with babies or young children. They can be used on both sliding windows and hinged windows and are very easy to install. They work by using pins which fit into holes on your window frame so that it cannot be opened from inside or outside of your home. You simply put them into place and then tighten them down with a screwdriver until they're secure.

2. Hinged Wedge Locks

These locks are the most common type of window lock and are usually found on older homes. They consist of two pieces that fit together to create a wedge. The wedge is placed on the edge of the window frame and prevents it from opening. Hinged wedges are easy to install but can be difficult to remove, which makes them less ideal for people who need to get out in an emergency.

3. Window Bars

The most visible type of childproofing device is a set of window bars or grilles. These metal bars slide into place over the window opening, preventing anyone from opening the window further than an inch or two. They're easy to install and can be removed when you need them out of the way — just slide them back into place when they're needed again. In some cases, they can even be painted over if you don't like their appearance.