Many companies have been bringing identification solutions to a variety of businesses since 1999; the company now has customers all over the world. European based manufacturer is committed to excellence. Their dedication is reflected not only in the continued expansion of their ID card printer line but also in software solutions badging accompaniments. 

Some printers support Linux drivers as well. Talk to a specialist for additional advice on your ID card printers if you plan to run one of the less common systems. You can visit and can check printers.

Many companies focus on providing a healthy working space for their employees. They also examined each stage of the production process to reduce waste. Rainwater harvesting and solar power is environmentally friendly features that make their manufacturing facility stand out from the rest of the industry.

For high-volume card printing, you can choose between two full-color, dual-sided printer. The quantum has a large capacity and can handle up to 1,000 jobs at a time card with two feeders and hoppers. Taking advantage of the high-yield quantum tape so you do not have to stop and load a new cartridge in the middle of a job. You can choose from a wide variety of encoding options for this printer and even ask for alternatives if the usual choices they do not suit your needs.