It's great when you receive the right offer for your home. However, this slow real estate market can sometimes take a while so many people decide to sell their homes before they start seriously looking for the next property.

When you are in between the houses there are several options open to you, such as hotel stays, accommodation, and apartments.

Often the first instinct is to book into a hotel. However, this can prove to be costly, especially if you have kids because you will need a family room or more than one traditional room to accommodate all. The lack of private spaces in the hotel even challenged kin. These days, luxury apartments in midtown are more popular among tourists from the hotel.

The long-term course allows a better choice. However, what if you do not know how long you want to stay? A guaranteed lease usually lasts at least six months and you may not need to live this long. If you live in an apartment lease is guaranteed, you have to register to pay utilities, tariffs, broadband, etc. It is a lot of work and bureaucracy for only a few weeks to stay!

Another problem with the traditional allows is that most of the apartments without furniture and if you use a removal company to pick up your furniture from your home to a rental property and again to your new home, it will cost you big and strong, and a lot of stress. A cheaper option is to store your furniture and stay in a fully furnished apartment.