Young pigs are the future achievement of an operation. The health, growth, and even the overall weight of the market depend on the success of the pigs being weaned. Since weaning is one of the most stressful events for pigs, producers need a tool to get young pigs back on track as fast as possible.

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blood plasma use in piglet diets

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Changes in diet, mixing, behavioral stress, exposure to pathogens, and changes in the environment are all stress factors experienced by pigs when weaning. These stressors activate the systemic immune system in pigs and cause many metabolic changes in pigs.

When pigs experience inflammation and intestinal damage due to weaning stress, they reduce feed intake. Pigs usually lose about 100 to 250 grams of body weight on the first day after weaning. After weaning, it can take up to two weeks for growth before weaning to return to its growth rate.

Getting pigs to eat digestible food as fast as weaning is essential for short and long-term growth and health. That’s where Spray Dried Plasma (SDP) can help.

Effect of spray-dried plasma

For more than 25 years, SDP has been used in pig feed. Diet has a positive effect on feed intake, growth, and feed efficiency of hogs during the stress period after weaning. The results showed that the pigs with SDP in their diet:

– 25% Average Increase in Average Daily Growth (ADG)

– 21% average increase in feed intake

– 4% average increase in feed efficiency