Many people in today's world suffer from social anxiety and it is important to be treated as soon as possible. It is important to recognize if you suffer from brief and normal anxiety or if your anxiety is recurrent. 

If you have recurring anxiety, you can have a disorder and should further examine the treatment of social anxiety disorder.

When looking for anxiety disorder therapy for social anxiety disorders, many people will start looking at professional therapy and what types of drugs they can throw in their bodies for immediate relief. 

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1. First, when you are in a social situation and you feel anxiety, it is important to know that all the attention does not belong to you. Instead of avoiding watching other people and keeping you with yourself, look around your environment. 

Look at the different people around you, foreigners or friends, and notice that most will not please you. Note, they are not affected by the way you look or act.

2. If you are able to walk around and see that people do not judge you. Scratch your head, cough, or keep your eyes continuously. For the most part, other people around you will not notice that you do anything.

3. The last exercise and one of the most important of this practice is to hire a person you do not know. When you go in front of someone in the bathroom, just say, "Hello, how are you?". Compliment someone on a comic t-shirt. 

Find something simple to tell someone else and study how they react. In most cases, they will respond with a polished answer.