More and more people due to the cost of laptops coming down are now having problems with the way they work with them. This is due to the way that they are built with the screen, keyboard, and pointing device all connected, great for portability but not good for the back, arms and eyes.

Most people buy an external mouse which makes it more comfortable to use but not many people buy any other accessories such as an external keyboard or laptop stand.

By getting an external keyboard you are then able to move the screen away from you making it easier on the eyes and with a laptop stand you can then bring your screen up to a great working height.

You can buy portable folding laptop stand online also.

It is a paradox that people don't buy these accessories when they get their laptop, you wouldn't buy a television without a stand and just place it on the floor, would you?

It is amazing that with laptops being so common in the workplace of today that there is no legislation that is specific to the use of laptops in the working environment there are areas of health and safety regulations that can be applied to the use of VDU screens and also the use of keyboards.

During the next few years, we will be getting more and more problems from people using laptops in the wrong posture, and we are just starting to see large companies asking questions about the health and safety aspects of using laptops for any length of time.