The female body changes from adolescence to menopause. There are various nutrients needed at each stage that help overcome ill-health and be active. Women must follow the rules as they age.

For everyone, a balanced diet is the basis of a healthy life. Healthy eating for women plays an even more fundamental role. Read this article to know more about the women’s vitamins for hormonal imbalance.

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This is because women's lives are also conditioned by the action of two types of hormones – estrogen and progesterone – which influence mood, metabolism, and fluid retention, that is our body's response to the foods we eat.

Women's nutrition must always include calcium-containing foods for the prevention of osteoporosis in all stages of life – milk, yogurt, and cheese.

It is also advisable to expose yourself to sunlight, during the daylight hours, to activate the synthesis of vitamin D, which occurs in the skin through the action of ultraviolet rays. Vitamin D promotes the right use of calcium by the body, also increasing the immune system.

From adolescence, it is always good to carry out regular physical activity. It is advisable to walk 20-30 minutes a day at a steady pace to strengthen muscle mass and increase basal metabolism.

Adolescence in women is also a very delicate phase from a psychological and emotional point of view, in which food has a particular meaning. Especially for girls, who in this period begin to have a menstrual cycle and see their body transform.