The juice is a healthy choice that gives the benefits of vegetables and fruits naturally. There are different types of juicers available in the market today. Choosing the best juicer from many brands and models is a bigger challenge to fulfill personal needs. 

There are 5 important factors to look for in the juicer:

1. Cleaning: A juicer that takes time to clean is unpleasant for some people because, after juice extraction, it takes a lot of time to clean the juicer. Good quality juicers must-have a safety dishwasher to buy from the market.

2. Space: Before buying a juicer it is necessary to consider the size of it as some people do not have much space in the kitchen. So it is best to choose the portable juicer which occupies less space.

3. Noise: The most important thing is juicers do not make much noise while in operation. Juicers that make the least noise are a great choice to choose from.

4. Durability: While buying juicers, there are two options: one is cheap juicers which will last for a few months and second which is of good quality and lasts for years. Choosing to buy a good quality juicer which lasts for many years is a better option.

5. Affordability: It should not need to be expensive but it's not too cheap as it satisfies the high quality of the juicer. 

So, buying a high-quality juicer, you need to check the warranty and replacement parts. Most important thing is to check the reviews of the product.